Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, it's been well over a month since I blogged last and I need to get going on it again.

Let's see, updates, are there any updates? YES! Our house will be closing this coming week! No more double house payments! Also, with part of what we get from the house Aaron wants to get a really pretty new bike, it's called something like V-rod or something, I don't know ;) But I do know that it is loud and shinny. We still haven't agreed if we (I) want to spend that much money on something with only two wheels.

I recently found out how cool Craigslist.com is. I got a brand new Schwinn jogger/biking stroller for $85. That's an incredible price that I could not pass up, especially now that I am committed to start an exercise program. I tried walking with the kids in the wagon, but that was painful, and not in an "I'm going to get stronger" kinda way. It's already motivated Aaron to go on several bike rides with the kids.

The reason I have finally committed to exercise and started a program is because there is now no intimidating big hills like there is in the Salt Lake Valley. Everything is absolutely flat out here. So it doesn't matter which direction I run first because none of it will be up hill on the way home! It feels good to be moving and getting more aerobic, but it's hard for me to remember to take it easy and not go all out in the beginning. I went a little crazy when I first go the stroller and did a lot of biking. I didn't hurt the next day, so I went for a little bit of a harder ride. then that night I got a nasty soar throat cold and had to spend a couple of days in bed, and that is when the sore muscles kicked in. It made being sick that much more painful. Never-the-less, I look forward to feeling well all the way again and start moving again.

If anybody is interested in what I'm reading or have read, I've started keeping track on a website called coolreads.com. It's a website that my good friend Jen turned me on to. I don't have even a fraction of what I've read on there, but as I have time, and remember it all, I will get it on there.

All right, so that is it for now. I really need to start blogging more often, because who wants to read long boring blogs that loosely cover a month? I think short, frequent blogs are much more fun, informative and easy to read. So, taking a lesson from myself, I will be writing to you all in no latter than a week.